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AOM 2021 Scenario Planning Gaming PDW – Last chance to register and sneak peek at the game board!

  • 1.  AOM 2021 Scenario Planning Gaming PDW – Last chance to register and sneak peek at the game board!

    Posted 07-26-2021 23:15

    Dear Colleagues,

    Please join us at the scenario planning gaming professional development workshop in the occasion of the AOM 2021 general meeting! You can register at this link to secure your spot and help us to coordinate teams in advance. We will close registrations at the end of this week (July 31st 12 am). You can register as a team so that you will be able to play the game with your colleagues. If you wish to register as a team, do indicate that in the form.
    This is how the game board will look like for each team. The one below is set up for 5 players:

    More details of the event are as follows:


    Event date and time: 9:00-10:30 AM on August the 3rd (EST time).


    Event outline:

    9:00-9:05: Introduction to corporate foresight

    9:05-9:20: Experiences of foresight scholars and facilitators: futures games

    9:20-9-30: Introduction to the game (Scenario Exploration System)

    9:30-10:20: Play time! Participants are divided in teams of up to 7 individuals to play the game on Miro (break out rooms). The first round is guided. Subsequent rounds are independent (with help of facilitators).

    10:20-10:30: Wrap up: the usefulness of futures games


    Instructions: No prior knowledge about foresight or futures games is required. However, familiarity with the platform Miro is helpful. If you do not have a Miro account, do register one for free at this link and we strongly encourage you to familiarize with the platform in advance. Familiarity with the platform -i.e., how to move objects, write on objects, and navigate/zoom in and out of the board- will help you, and everyone else, to get the most out of the gaming experience, as we will spend less time explaining how Miro works and more time focusing on the game itself.

    Event abstract: Following the increase of interest in corporate foresight among practitioners and of the demand for corporate foresight consulting services, we will deliver a scenario planning gaming PDW, a participatory approach to facilitate corporate foresight via gaming/simulation. We will use the Scenario Exploration System method (virtual version), a highly interactive board game devised to explore alternative future scenarios of a business environment with cards and tokens in a series of role-played, simulated (future) actions. We will teach this game to participants in the same manner we have taught it in a variety of executive education settings. Attending AOM members will be able to pick up the method in a learning-by-doing fashion. During the workshop, participants will form groups of players who will play against each other autonomously. Our team of facilitators is composed of corporate foresight experts from both academia and practice, We will close the workshop with a sharing session and a briefing where we will reiterate the importance of consulting on corporate foresight.

    See here for more information about foresight practices in organizational contexts.
    See here for more information about the game.


    Facilitators' profiles:

    Alex Fergnani (organizer/facilitator): Alex is PhD candidate in Management and Organisation at NUS Business School under a President Fellowship, associate editor with World Futures Review, Honorary Research Fellow at Strathclyde Business School, and futures and foresight consultant with the strategic foresight consultancies Shaping Tomorrow and Forwardto. Alex conducts research on corporate foresight and futures and foresight theories and methods. His research has been published in the journals Academy of Management PerspectivesHarvard Business Review, European Business Review, FuturesFutures & Foresight ScienceForesight, and World Futures Review, among other outlets. Alex regularly gives futures and foresight workshops globally.

    Donna Dupont (facilitator): As the Founder and Chief Strategist in Foresight & Design for Purple Compass, Donna Dupont brings skills and insights developed over 20 years working with leaders in healthcare, emergency management, government public policy, strategic planning and program design. She has facilitated a range of foresight and design activities for clients in healthcare, emergency management and military.​​ Prior to Purple Compass, Donna held a variety of senior roles within Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in both healthcare and emergency management. She also worked on the front-lines as a Registered Respiratory Therapist during the SARS crisis. Donna is a recipient of seven government awards at the provincial and federal level for outstanding achievement, excellence and partner relations in policy and strategic planning.

    Daniel Degravel (organizer/facilitator): Daniel currently teaches management and strategy consulting; strategy; management; and organizational behavior at California State University, Northridge. His research includes strategic management, the Resource-Based View, organizational legitimacy, and family business consulting. He has published in the Journal of Management Policy and Practice, the Journal of International Business and Enterprise Development, the Small Business Institute Journal, and the Journal of Strategy and Management. He has supervised during the last 10 years around 40 graduate and undergraduate level student-based consulting projects at CSUN, and also runs a private consulting practice in Los Angeles, focusing on nonprofit organizations and small businesses in rapid growth. He is currently the Program Chair for the AOM MC Division and will serve as Chair for it on 2021-2022.

    John A. Sweeney (facilitator): Dr. John A. Sweeney is an award-winning futurist, designer, and author. At present, Dr. Sweeney serves as an Assistant Professor of Futures and Foresight at Narxoz University where he is also the Director at the Qazaq Research Institute for Futures Studies. He consults widely and has delivered keynote presentations, seminars, and training courses in 45 countries on six continents. As a futurist, John has focused on the impact of new technologies, organizational strategies for surviving and thriving in an increasingly complex world, and transforming policy, planning, and strategy development processes by "using the future" as a resource. John has led, organized, and facilitated strategic planning and foresight projects for a range of clients, including numerous humanitarian and development agencies, government innovation units, and Fortune 500 companies. He tweets on trends, emerging issues, and all things postnormal at @aloha_futures.


    Aleksandra Wrobel (facilitator): Aleksandra pursues a PhD at Erasmus University, researching worthy-purpose leadership and ways to teach and learn it. She is working to uncover traits of entrepreneurs who set up companies driven by a social purpose they feel personally very strongly about and to establish how we could enable more such entrepreneurship in the future. Aleksandra is also an Executive & Organizational Coach - a skill she treasures as one of her most valuable life skills. She uses her coaching skills to help others around her – individuals, teams, companies through organizational development programs, and also – surprisingly - in negotiations to develop successful deals and build lasting partnerships. 

    Feel free to get in touch with me for further information about corporate foresight/the game at alessandro.fergnani@hotmail.com

    Alessandro (Alex) Fergnani
    NUS Business School