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Call for (un)published studies on "Board Processes" for meta-analysis

  • 1.  Call for (un)published studies on "Board Processes" for meta-analysis

    Posted 07-21-2021 08:36
    Call for (un)published studies on "Board Processes" for #meta-analysis

    My coauthors and I are currently looking for further published and unpublished studies, doctoral dissertations or other empirical work that contains variables in the domain of #BoardsOfDirectors processes. Our main focus is on understanding and synthesizing antecedents and consequences of these #BoardProcesses in boards of directors. Such processes may relate to effort norms, cognitive conflict, and use of knowledge and skills (Forbes & Milliken, 1999; Huse, 2005). Other framings of these variables may include: critical debate, task conflict, group participation, preparation, involvement, mentoring, information exchange, leveraging of information, use of expertise/experience, etc. Studies from all countries, backgrounds, institutional contexts, and periods are welcome.

    If you have or know of any relevant studies or datasets that contain any of these variables, we would highly appreciate your help in extending our current sample of 50+ articles that contain these variables for our larger meta-analysis dataset. Feel free to comment and/or contact me directly (f.k.ahrens@rug.nl) with suggestions and any ideas, comments or remarks.

    Thank you very much in advance and sorry for cross-posting in OB/STR!

    Best regards,

    Fabian Ahrens
    Floor Rink
    Niels Hermes
    Dennis Veltrop
    Laetitia Mulder
    Chuk Yan Wong


    Fabian Ahrens
    University of Groningen