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Conference and special issue on compassion

  • 1.  Conference and special issue on compassion

    Posted 10-11-2021 22:13

    Hi Everyone

    We are excited to announce a half day virtual conference and special issue call on compassion with the Australian Journal of Management. Please see more details and links below – and please pass this on to anyone in your network who you think might be interested.

    We hope that through these two important events we can create a greater focus on compassion research and its applications – in the Australasian region and also around the world.


    Anya Johnson and Helena Nguyen

    Associate Professors at the University of Sydney Business School and Co-Directors of the Body Heart and Mind in Business Research Group.

    Compassion matters more than ever

    Over the past few years there has been an increasing focus on compassion as a critical area of research in many domains of life, including families, schools, communities, business organisations and even politics. The importance of compassion has become even more compelling as we respond to the challenges that have emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    To highlight the work being done in this area, the Body Heart and Mind in Business Research Group along with the Australian Compassion Council (ACC) Scholars Network have organised two opportunities to promote this topic – which we would love you to be involved in and share with your networks.

    Compassion Forum: November 17th at 3.30pm- 7.25pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

    This free online conference will examine compassion research and application as a rapidly emerging field of science with significant implications for improving our collective human wellbeing.

    It brings together a group of outstanding Australian scholars as well as two leading international compassion scholars - Professor Paul Gilbert (Founder of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, University of Derby, UK) and Professor Tania Singer (Social Neuroscience Lab, Max Planck Society, University of Berlin) - to discuss their compassion research and its application.

    This forum has been brought together by the Australian Compassion Council (ACC) Scholars Network in partnership with the University of Sydney's, Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group and will showcase and share the wide diversity of compassion research taking place in numerous institutions around Australia and the world.

    To view the program and register for the conference please click the following link: https://business.sydney.edu.au/events/research/2021/bhmb/acc-compassion-research-conference-2021

    Australian Journal of Management (AJM) Special Issue on Compassion: Managing with compassion in a complex, changing world: New research & application.

    The purpose of this Special Issue is to present diverse and cross-disciplinary perspectives on compassion in organisations, institutions or society and across multiple domains such as in business, healthcare, education and politics. By integrating diverse perspectives, it is anticipated that this Special Issue will have widespread appeal and relevance to a general management audience interested in the management of organisations, groups, industries, regulatory bodies, government, and other institutions.

    For more information about the Special Issue please follow this link:


    Deadline for an Expression of Interest (5-page abstract submissions) is March 2022. Deadline for full paper submission is November 2022. The Australian Journal of Management is the leading management journal in the Australasian region – with an impact factor of 2.4.

      Anya Johnson
      University of Sydney
      Sydney NSW
      61 2 9351 6387