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AOM PDW (live online): Using Sport Data to Advance Management Theory - submission deadline July 9th

  • 1.  AOM PDW (live online): Using Sport Data to Advance Management Theory - submission deadline July 9th

    Posted 06-11-2021 10:58

    AOM 2021 PDW
    11132 (OMT) 


    (Live Online)
    Friday, July 30th 2021
    08:00 - 11:00 ET
    PART I (panel): open to all
    PART II: by submission, deadline July 9th ET.
    Dmitry Sharapov
    (Imperial College Business School)

    Paolo Aversa
    (Cass Business School)

     If you are considering working with sport data, you cannot miss this AOM's Virtual PDW (Live - Synchronous) that will bring together a selection of authors and editors who recently published in top journals using sport data to advance management theory. 

    Our PDW will combine hands-on insights, state-of-the-art research presentations, senior and junior scholars' discussion, and feedback on participants' paper drafts and research proposals. 

    Our PDW will tackle the following questions:

    • What kinds of theories can be tested with sport data? Which sport settings are better suited for specific research questions and designs?
    • What existing theoretical problems could be tackled with sports data? How could a research agenda look like?
    • What are the typical challenges that scholars using sport data face during the publication process at top-tier management journals? How can scholars overcome them?
    • Where can scholars find and how can they obtain sport data for research purposes? What are appropriate methods for testing theories using sport data?

    Building on successful editions of this workshop at AOM in the previous five years, this two-part PDW will (1) bring together a panel of scholars to share experience in publishing management research with sport data and (2) provide feedback and developmental support in the second part of the workshop for scholars that are in the process of using sport data in their projects or who plan to use sport as a setting to study their research questions.

    While the first part of this PDW will be open to everyone with no registration required, those who wish to join the Part II of the workshop need to submit a full paper (40 pages max as per AOM Conference format guidelines) or a proposal (max 5 pages, single-spaced, excluding references and tables). Participation to the first part is not a mandatory requirement to submit to the second part, and vice versa. Please send the submissions at this link.

    Deadline to submit your work for the Part II of the workshop: July 9th ET.

    Panelists and Topics

    The panelists have been selected due to their specific and complementary expertise with using sport data in recent management publications. While the workshop is sponsored by the OMT division, the workshop will also engage with topics of interest for members of the HR, MOC, OB, RMD, STR, TIM, and other divisions. The workshop will host one or more authors from each of the following papers (each paper is related to a different sport and theoretical perspective):



    Panelist: Lindred Greer (University of Michigan), Associate Editor at Academy of Management Journal
    Context: Mountaineering
    Topic: Diversity, collectivism, and performance.
    Paper: Chatman, J. A., Greer, L. L., Sherman, E., & Doerr, B. 2019. Blurred lines: How the collectivism norm operates through perceived group diversity to boost or harm group performance in Himalayan mountain climbing. Organization Science, 30(2): 235-259.


    Panelist: Fernando Suarez (Northeastern University)
    Context: Mountaineering
    Topic: Routines, heuristics, improvisation.
    Paper: Suarez, F. F., & Montes, J. S. 2019. An integartive perspective of organizational responses: Routines, heuristics, and improvisations in a Mount Everest expedition.
    Organization Science, 30(3): 573-599.

    Panelists: Emily Grijalva & Tim Maynes (University at Buffalo)
    Context: National Basketball Association
    Topic: Team narcissism, coordination, and performance.
    Paper: Grijalva, E., Maynes, T. D., Badura, K. L., & Whiting, S. W. 2020. Examining the "I" in team: A longitudinal investigation of the influence of team narcissism composition on team outcomes in the NBA. Academy of Management Journal, 63(1): 7-33.

    Panelists: Hemant Kakkar (Duke University)
    Context: National Hockey League
    Topic: Prestige, dominance, and punishment of high-status actors.
    Paper: Kakkar, H., Sivanathan, N., Gobel, M. S. 2020. Fall from grace: The role of dominance and prestige in the punishment of high-status actors. Academy of Management Journal, 63(2): 530-553.

    Dmitry Sharapov
    Imperial College Business School