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Invitation to AOM 2021 PDW on Trust

  • 1.  Invitation to AOM 2021 PDW on Trust

    Posted 07-19-2021 10:11
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    We invite you to attend the 9th AOM Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on "Trust between Individuals and Organizations" (session 434).


    Scheduled: Saturday, July 31 2021, 4:00PM - 7:00PM EDT. 

    Format: Real-Time – Open: Presenters and audience on live video. 

    URL: https://2021.aom.org/meetings/virtual/fwXKxPHAJTe6ZYdky


    There is no need to register for this workshop. 

    Organizers: Oliver Schilke, Bart De Jong
    Panelists: David de Cremer, Ella Glikson, Paul Pavlou 

    Facilitators: Anna Brattström, Sarah Doyle, Jennifer Feitosa, Anneloes Raes 


    Workshop Summary: Trust is a fundamental characteristic of organizational relationships and one of the most frequently studied concepts in management research today. This annual PDW is aimed at advancing research on trust by serving as a platform for scholars to discuss critical issues, engage in dialogue, and help further research-in-progress. The workshop consists of three segments: (1) The first segment starts off with a panel discussion, in which leading scholars share their thought-provoking ideas on this year's focal topic of "trust in the digital age"; (2) For the second segment, attendees break into roundtables to discuss various relevant issues in current trust research. Each table will start out with a particular topic but may move on to other issues as the discussion unfolds. Topics may include (but are not limited to): trust asymmetries, trust violation and recovery, trust in teams, trust in interorganizational relationships, trust across levels of analysis, trust in networks, trust dynamics, and trust and contracts; (3) The third segment consists of a paper development workshop, in which the facilitators provide in-depth feedback on work-in-progress trust research previously submitted by workshop participants. These papers should be in an advanced developmental stage, targeted at a scholarly management journal, and no more than 40 double-spaced pages in length. If you are interested in participating in the paper development segment, please submit your work by email to the workshop organizers, Oliver Schilke (oschilke@arizona.edu) and Bart de Jong (Bart.deJong@acu.edu.au), no later than July 23, 2021  


    Hope to see you then! 

    Oliver Schilke (University of Arizona)  

    Bart De Jong (Australian Catholic University) 


    Bart de Jong, PhD

    Associate Editor, Academy  of Management Journal
    Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
    Research Coordinator, Peter Faber Business School
    Advisory Board Member, Center for Trust Studies, U. of Arizona 

    Faculty of Law and Business
    Australian Catholic University



    Level 7, 250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne, VIC 3002

    T: +61 3 9953 3163

    E: bart.dejong@acu.edu.au

    W: www.acu.edu.au


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