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GDO PDW: Call for Participants & Waiver/Scholarship Information

  • 1.  GDO PDW: Call for Participants & Waiver/Scholarship Information

    Posted 06-03-2021 12:45

    Call for Participants & Waiver/Scholarship Information




    The Gender & Diversity in Organizations Division (GDO) of the Academy of Management (AOM) invites participants for a Professional Development Workshop at the 2021 AOM virtual conference.


    This workshop is targeted towards individuals who are:

    • From an emerging economy or a region that is currently underrepresented at AOM. This includes most countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.
    • Not currently members of AOM's GDO Division but who may be interested in joining.
    • Conducting research on topics related to Diversity Management.

    The workshop is intended to help participants build stronger connections to and integration within the GDO and AOM communities and to hone research paper development skills. Each participant can be matched with a current GDO/AOM member mentor who can help them to network at future AOM meetings and provide feedback on future AOM conference paper submissions. The synchronous online format includes a panel session with Management experts from 4 world regions and roundtable breakout room sessions with panelists and GDO Global Ambassadors.


    List of Panelists


    Devi Vijay, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

    Lavanya Vijayasingham, United Nations University

    Jenny Hoobler, University of Pretoria

    Fida Afiouni, American University of Beirut




    The workshop will be held synchronously online on Sunday, August 1st, 7-9am EST (New York time). AOM conference registration is required (see note below about registration waivers and scholarships).


    Please email akward@vt.edu if you would like more information about this PDW.


    Registration Waivers & Scholarships

    The 2021 AOM Annual Meeting is right around the corner, and we want to see you there (virtually). To encourage participation in our program of sessions and activities, the Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO) division will offer a limited number of conference registration waivers and scholarships to potential attendees who might not otherwise attend or for whom registration fees pose a barrier to participation. GDO members and prospective members (irrespective of whether or not they have a presentation (PDW, symposium, paper) at the 2021 Annual Meeting) should apply if you meet one of more of the following criteria:

    1. Research interest in the GDOdomain
    2. Have paid your annual conference membership dues
    3. Will attend the virtual conference in August 2021
    4. Belong to an underrepresented minority group, institution, or country
    5. Are a doctoral student (not required)
    6. Registration fees are a barrier to attendance

    Please submit your waiver/scholarship request to Lex Washington (lex.washington@okstate.edu) before June 21, 2021.


    Anna Katherine Ward
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg VA