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The Leadership Quarterly; Issues 5 and 6

  • 1.  The Leadership Quarterly; Issues 5 and 6

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hi and happy new year!

    May 2021 bring us all good health and happiness. The last few months "zoomed" by and I forgot to post the table of contents of the journal for the last two issues. Here goes, starting off with a paper by Sajons, which I believe will become a very influential one; it shows how one can estimate the effect of an endogenous regressor (e.g., that has not or cannot be manipulated), on an outcome.

    The next article is about selecting leaders by lottery? Lottery? In fact, all the articles are very interesting; we have methods pieces, reviews and critiques (and irony too! see paper by Alvesson), as well the usual types of empirical papers. Browse the contents and have your thinking provoked. There are also two interesting calls for papers at the end:

    Volume 31, Issue 5

    Estimating the causal effect of measured endogenous variables: A tutorial on experimentally randomized instrumental variables
    Gwendolin B. Sajons

    How to prevent leadership hubris? Comparing competitive selections, lotteries, and their combination
    Joël Berger, Margit Osterloh, Katja Rost, Thomas Ehrmann

    The relative importance of participative versus decisive behavior in predicting stakeholders' perceptions of leader effectiveness
    Nicholas P. Aramovich, J. Ross Blankenship

    Virtues-centered moral identity: An identity-based explanation of the functioning of virtuous leadership
    Gordon Wang, Rick D. Hackett

    Testing the babble hypothesis: Speaking time predicts leader emergence in small groups
    Neil G. MacLaren, Francis J. Yammarino, Shelley D. Dionne, Hiroki Sayama, Michael D. Mumford, Shane Connelly, Robert W. Martin, Tyler J.Mulhearn, E. Michelle Todd, Ankita Kulkarni, Yiding Cao, Gregory A. Ruark,

    Volume 31, Issue 6

    A critique of the Leader-Member Exchange construct: Back to square one
    Ryan K. Gottfredson, Sarah L. Wright, Emily D. Heaphy

    Effects of charismatic leadership and rewards on individual performance
    Nicoleta Meslec, Petru L. Curseu, Oana C. Fodor, Renata Kenda

    Social movement spillover: Barriers to board gender diversity posed by contemporary governance reform
    Marta A. Geletkanycz

    Upbeat leadership: A recipe for – or against – "successful" leadership studies
    Mats Alvesson

    Follower behavior renders leader behavior endogenous: The simultaneity problem, estimation challenges, and solutions
    Amelie V. Güntner, Florian E. Klonek, Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock, Simone Kauffeld

    Call for papers:

    Harnessing Exogenous Shocks for Leadership and Management Research

    Beyond the ritualized use of questionnaires: Toward a science of actual behaviors and psychological states

    All the best,

    John Antonakis

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