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The Leadership Quarterly: Issue 4 of 2020

  • 1.  The Leadership Quarterly: Issue 4 of 2020

    Posted 08-30-2020 07:44

    Hi everyone:

    Here is the next LQ table of content with some super-interesting articles and a call for papers that is very important and relevant for leadership studies, but also applied psychology, management, and organizational studies more broadly:


    Careless responding in questionnaire measures: Detection, impact, and remedies
    Philippe Goldammer, Hubert Anne, Peter Lucas Stöckli, Klaus Jonas

    Words and deeds – Experimental evidence on leading-by-example
    Gerald Eisenkopf

    Merger-specific trust cues in the development of trust in new supervisors during an organizational merger: A naturally occurring quasi-experiment
     Jukka Lipponen, Janne Kaltiainen, Lisa van der Werff, Niklas K. Steffens

    Achieving leadership and success: A 28-year follow-up of college women leaders
    Lynn R. Offermann, Kaitlin R. Thomas, Lauren A. Lanzo, Lindsey N. Smith

    Tell us about your leadership style: A structured interview approach for assessing leadership behavior constructs
    Anna Luca Heimann, Pia V. Ingold, Martin Kleinmann

    The diversity gap in leadership: What are we missing in current theorizing?
    Terrance W. Fitzsimmons, Victor J. Callan

    Call for papers

    Beyond the ritualized use of questionnaires: Toward a science of actual behaviors and psychological states
    Thomas Fischer, Donald C. Hambrick Gwendolin B Sajons, Niels Van Quaquebeke

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