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Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Research Incubator PDW on Zoom Sponsored by NLS

  • 1.  Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Research Incubator PDW on Zoom Sponsored by NLS

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    Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Research Incubator PDW on Zoom

    Management scholars have studied Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) for over 40 years and we have repeatedly demonstrated its relevance and importance in the organizational context showing significant relationships with almost every leadership outcome variable (Dulebohn et al., 2012; Gerstner & Day, 1997; Sin et al., 2009). Studies conducted across the globe show consistent results, indicating its international importance (e.g., Rockstahl, Ang, & Shore, 2012). LMX is the 3rd most studied leadership model over the period from 2000-2013 (Dinh et al., 2014), however, the LMX literature is in need of a critical rejuvenation with regards to new directions for theory and research, lest this prolific research advancement stagnate.

    This PDW will provide a forum for scholars to discuss several promising areas of inquiry for future LMX research and perhaps develop collaborator relationships. The session will be focused around seven different LMX topics:  

    • LMX Theory, Foundations, & New Directions, Terri A. Scandura
    • Leader/Follower Congruence: HP Sin & Claudia C. Cogliser
    • LMX Development / Newcomer Adjustment: Jennifer D. Nahrgang & Talya Bauer
    • LMX Emotions: Herman Tse & Jeremy D. Meuser
    • LMX Differentiation/Teams: Smriti Anand & Prajya Vidyarthi
    • LMX & Networks: Cecilé Emory & Kristin Cullen-Lester
    • Culture/Diversity/International LMX Issues. Thomas Rockstuhl & Lynn Shore

    In order to facilitate maximum feedback, we request that participants submit an extended abstract (650 words; 2 double spaced pages) of their idea to Jeremy D. Meuser (jmeuser@bus.olemiss.edu) by AUG 12th. This should contain:

    • Reason/justification for the LMX related study.
    • What LMX phenomenon are you planning to explore?
    • Brief theoretical framework that tells the overall "story" of the LMX research/model, not individual hypotheses.
    • Formal hypotheses are not required.
    • A model diagram, if appropriate (does not count towards word limit).
    • References (do not count towards word limit).
    • Please indicate which of the table topics fit with your idea (maximum of 2), that is, which scholar(s) with whom do you wish to speak in a small Zoom session scheduled at a time of mutual convenience?"

    Our panelists will then review these before the Zoom discussions to maximize the quality of discussions and feedback. Our goal is to fill a niche at the early idea phase of research development prior to writing an entire research proposal, full paper, and/or conducting a study.

    Jeremy D. Meuser, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Management
    The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)
    School of Business Administration
    Holman 231
    P.O. Box 1848
    University, MS 38677
    jmeuser@bus.olemiss.edu | www.olemiss.edu