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Fwd: PDW: Bringing the wise, ethical manager into management

  • 1.  Fwd: PDW: Bringing the wise, ethical manager into management

    Posted 07-19-2021 10:16

    * Apologies for cross posting *

    We invite you to the following 90-minute PDW, details below:
    Session Type: PDW Workshop
    Submission: 10634 | Sponsor(s): (MSR, MED, SIM, OB)
    Bringing the wise, ethical manager back into management
    Bringing the ethical manager back into management
    TeachingTheme: Bringing the Manager Back in ManagementDiversity

    Chair: Payal Kumar, ISH, India
    Chair: Tom Elwood Culham, Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser U.
    Speaker: Richard Jackson Major, Institut de Gestion Sociale Paris
    Speaker: Richard Peregoy, U. of Dallas, Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business

    We are both rational and emotional. As far back as 2002, John Kotter emphasized the critical role of emotions in successful change programs and in business education. In 2004, Mintzberg proposed that MBA programs need to rebalance teaching in the classroom with greater emphasis on the emotional, caring, feeling side of our nature. Yet a majority of programs continue to focus on developing logical and analytical left-brain thinking, rather than intuitive and emotional right-brain thinking. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that managers need to manage teams even when high turbulence hits our eco-systems, in ever-changing contexts, which requires creative thinking and emotional intelligence beyond exclusively pursuing the bottom line. What can we, as educators, do to bring the wiseethical manager back into management, a manager who uses her full cerebral hemisphere as per contextual requirements? Through this PDW we aim to contextualize research that suggests that this is an essential stepping stone for leaders to grow and succeed in our current globalized economy and society. The purpose and expected outcome of this PDW is to advance participants' competency in developing self-awareness and working with emotions skillfully. Presenters will share experiential pedagogies that can be enriching such as meditation, emotional intelligence exercises and journaling. Furthermore, participants will be encouraged to delve into an emotional space through demonstrations of vulnerability, which is critical for developing self-awareness. By modeling these learnings in the classroom, it is hoped that faculty will favorably influence business students to draw on left and right-brain thinking, and to apply this as future leaders. 

    Synchronous live open session 641

    On Monday, 2 August at pm EST, 12:00 am IST


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    Please send an expression of interest to payalk1@gmail.com

    With regards,

    Prof. Payal Kumar 

    Dean Research & Management Studies,

    Indian School of Hospitality, India