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Latest issue of Occupational Health Science

  • 1.  Latest issue of Occupational Health Science

    Posted 05-12-2022 12:27

    We are pleased to announce the latest issue of Occupational Health Science (with apologies for cross-posting):

    Occupational Health Science - Volume 6, issue 1

    Occupational Health Science is a journal that publishes empirical and theoretical investigations that enhance understanding of phenomena related to worker safety, health, and well-being. This journal is available for free to members of the Society for Occupational Health Psychology

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    Job Insecurity during an Economic Crisis: the Psychological Consequences of Widespread Corporate Cost-Cutting Announcements

    Drake Van Egdom, Christiane Spitzmueller, Xueqi Wen, Maryam A. Kazmi, Erica Baranski, Rhona Flin & Ramanan Krishnamoorti

    Occupational Health Science volume 6, pages 1–25


    (open access) Ethnic Differences in Context: Does Emotional Conflict Mediate the Effects of Both Team- and Individual-Level Ethnic Diversity on Emotional Strain?

    Franziska J. Kößler, Kaori Fujishiro, Susanne Veit & Annekatrin Hoppe

    Occupational Health Science volume 6, pages 27–49


    Keeping Up With Work Email After Hours and Employee Wellbeing: Examining Relationships During and Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Archana Manapragada Tedone

    Occupational Health Science volume 6, pages 51–72


    Musculoskeletal Health and Perceived Work Ability in a Manufacturing Workforce

    Alicia G. Dugan, Rick A. Laguerre, Janet L. Barnes-Farrell, Jennifer M. Cavallari, Jennifer L. Garza, Lindsey A. Graham, Gretchen A. Petery, Nicholas Warren & Martin G. Cherniack

    Occupational Health Science volume 6, pages 73–110



    How Supervisor Passivity Begets Subordinate Incivility: a Moderated Mediation Model

    Paige R. Alenick, Zhiqing E. Zhou, Joshua A. Nagel & Xinxuan Che

    Occupational Health Science volume 6, pages 111–130


    Effects of Social and Occupational Stress, and Physical Strain on Suicidal Ideation Among Law Enforcement Officers

    Alaina M. Beauchamp & Katelyn K. Jetelina

    Occupational Health Science volume 6, pages 131–147



    Lisa M. Kath, PhD

    Associate Professor, San Diego State University

    Associate Editor, Occupational Health Science

    Lisa Kath
    San Diego State University
    San Diego CA