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Have you obtained external funding for cybersecurity research?

  • 1.  Have you obtained external funding for cybersecurity research?

    Posted 27 days ago
    Dear Colleagues,

    Have you received funding (grants or contracts) from one or more external funding agencies or private foundations for research at the intersection of organizational science (loosely defined) and cybersecurity or cyberprivacy (also loosely defined)?

    If so, would you be amenable to sharing a few details, such as the name of the agency/foundation (and, if appropriate, the name of the division within the agency/foundation), the title of your proposal, a brief abstract for your proposal, and (only if you're comfortable sharing this) the dollar amount of funding you received? If all this information is publicly available online, you could instead just share the URL with me.

    My colleagues and I are writing a paper regarding why organizational researchers should, in our view, be interested in cybersecurity (and vice versa), and we hope to include a description of funding sources at the intersection of these two fields, along with 1-2 examples of projects funded via each source. We are aware of a few agencies that fund work in this area (e.g., NSF SaTC & SoO and DHS S&T), but our hope is to uncover additional ones that have not yet occurred to us--and to illustrate the breadth of funded projects.

    I'd appreciate it if you could respond by emailing me directly (rdalal@gmu.edu) rather than by replying to this message.


    Reeshad Dalal, Ph.D.
    Professor, Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    George Mason University
    Fairfax, VA 22030-4444