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OBHDP Special Issue on Curiosity - Deadline extended to

  • 1.  OBHDP Special Issue on Curiosity - Deadline extended to

    Posted 02-24-2021 07:49

    To account for the toll of the pandemic, we have extended the deadline of OBHDP's Special Issue on Curiosity in Organizations and at work to July 1, 2021.

    About the Curiosity in Organizations and at Work Special Issue

    Most organizations' founding stories start with someone indulging their curiosity: Can we make a better product? Can we do something together that has never been done before? Can we make a difference? As a result, curiosity is woven into the DNA of organizational life, playing a role in daily, seemingly mundane moments ("I wonder what emails are waiting for me?" "What are we going to do at this meeting?") or more extreme moments ("Will our organization survive this crisis!?" "Will customers respond to our new product?"). Curiosity influences individual processes and outcomes such as relationship building, information seeking and help seeking, performance, creativity, and well-being. It also influences group and organizational processes such as feedback, socialization, social networks, leadership, teamwork, sensemaking, and innovation. Curiosity has also been popularized in prominent management approaches and popular books including Rebel TalentGritCurious? and Questions are the Answer, among others. However, in spite of the growing interest in curiosity, curiosity still suffers from being conflated with sister constructs that seem to occupy similar conceptual territory; constructs that include openness to experience, learning goal orientation, and intrinsic motivation, among others. As a result, curiosity as a construct sits at a precarious point in its development where it could easily fall back into obscurity, used a synonym for other constructs without deeper examination or become a linking, dynamic concept that helps capture key interactions of modern organizational life. This special issue is dedicated to the latter impulse with the goals of (a) publishing seminal papers that outline the diverse roles of curiosity at work and in organizational life and (b) encouraging new methodological and theoretical approaches to studying curiosity that broaden the possibilities for future work and encourage new streams of research on the topic. Our hope is to provide a single issue that serves as key foundation for future research on curiosity.

    More here: https://www.journals.elsevier.com/organizational-behavior-and-human-decision-processes/call-for-papers/curiosity-in-organizations-and-at-work