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JBP Org Methods Virtual Issue 2020(B) - Free Access

  • 1.  JBP Org Methods Virtual Issue 2020(B) - Free Access

    Posted 09-08-2020 13:28

    Dear Colleagues

    Good news. Springer gave us permission to release more methods articles for free access.  Below you will find our 2020(B) organizational methods virtual issue. All the methods articles below are free access to the end of October.  

    Do Not Cross Me: Optimizing the Use of Cross-Sectional Designs
    Paul E. Spector



    A Tale of Two Sample Sources: Do Results from Online Panel Data and Conventional Data Converge?
    Sheryl L. Walter, Scott E. Seibert, Daniel Goering, & Ernest H. O'Boyle, Jr.


    A 20-Year Review of Outcome Reporting Bias in Moderated Multiple Regression

    Ernest H. O'Boyle, George C. Banks, Kameron Carter, Sheryl L. Walter, Zhenyu Yuan


    Back to Basics with Mixed-Effects Models: Nine Take-Away Points

    Paul D. Bliese, Mark A. Maltarich



    Dirty Data: The Effects of Screening Respondents Who Provide Low-Quality Data in Survey Research

    Justin A. DeSimone, P.D. Harms



    Modeling Temporal Interaction Dynamics in Organizational Settings

    Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock, Joseph A. Allen

    Download PDF (1977KB) View Article – fully open access


    HARKing: How Badly Can Cherry-Picking and Question Trolling Produce Bias in Published Results?

    Kevin Murphy Herman Aguinis

    http://hermanaguinis.com/JBPharking.pdf - fully open access


    Journal news:

    We are on target for 900 submissions.
    2 year impact factor 3.3, 5 year impact factor 4.4
    Great to have Lilia Cortina as a new Associate Editor. And, we look forward to welcoming Jeremy Dawson and Zinta Byrne in the Fall as AE's.  


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