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JBP Table of contents, special feature and open science

  • 1.  JBP Table of contents, special feature and open science

    Posted 17 days ago

    Hello all

    Here is our JBP May table of contents.  Plus,  I'm excited to announce a special issue, entitled "Security, Privacy, and Surveillance in Cyberspace: Organizational Science Concerns and Contributions." The Call for Papers provides additional information and several examples of relevant research questions, and can be found here. The submission deadline is February 15, 2022.

    Also, note there are two links below. The first goes to the newest edition on Springer.  The second link takes you to a JBP section of the OSF website where our authors deposit extra content attached to their published article. It is their choice what they post and ranges from data, to measures, to code, etc.  it is our attempt to support open science, better promote research connectedness, and enhanced transparency. 




    How robust is our cumulative knowledge on turnover?

    J.    G. Field · F.A. Bosco · S. Kepes


    Sensemaking and Negative Emotion Sharing: Perceived Listener Reactions as Interpersonal Cues Driving Workplace Outcomes

    C. Reynolds-Kueny · M.K. Shoss


    Reducing Injuries, Malingering, and Workers' Compensation Costs by Implementing Overt Integrity Testing

    C. A. Cooper · J.E. Slaughter · S.W. Gilliland

    Test-taker reactions to ideal point measures of personality

    A. M. Harris · J.T. McMillan · N.T. Carter

    Examining the effects of negative performance feedback: the roles of sadness, feedback self-efficacy, and grit

    D. Motro · D.R. Comer · J.A. Lenaghan


    Two to Tango? Implications of Alignment and Misalignment in Leader and Follower

    Perceptions of LMX

    A. Chaudhry · P.R. Vidyarthi · R.C. Liden ·S.J. Wayne


    Helping others makes me fit better: effects of helping behavior by newcomers and coworker-attributed motives on newcomers' adjustment

    H. Jia · R. Zhong · X. Xie


    Are You Gossiping About Me? The Costs and Benefits of High Workplace Gossip Prevalence

    N. Tan · K.C. Yam · P. Zhang · D.J. Brown


    Can Job-Embedded Employees Be Satisfied? The Role of Job Crafting and Goal-Striving Orientations

    I. D. Zhang · L.W. Lam · L. Dong · J.N.Y. Zhu


    Aiming to Leave and Aiming to Harm: the Role of Turnover Intentions and Job Opportunities for Minor and Serious Deviance

    A. Sender · M. Morf · A. Feierabend


    The impact of team moral disengagement composition on team performance: the roles of team cooperation, team interpersonal deviance, and collective extraversion

    B. Ogunfowora · M. Stackhouse · A. Maerz · C. Varty ·C. Hwang · J. Choi


    Open science repository


    Our Annual Report


    In 2020 we received over 1060 submissions


    Using Web of Science, here is a preview of our estimated 2020 2-year impact factor: 4.68 


    Below is our journal link that takes you to a page listing, by topic area, every article we published in 2020 in the Journal of Business and Psychology.  See what we published in leadership, selection, etc.  The summary can be found at this link:




    Overall, for 2020 We had around an 8.5% acceptance rate.


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