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Research Topic on FRONTIERS PUBLIC HEALTH "Health Service Management and Leadership: COVID-Style"

  • 1.  Research Topic on FRONTIERS PUBLIC HEALTH "Health Service Management and Leadership: COVID-Style"

    Posted 13 days ago
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    COVID-19 – the term that changed the world – how we live, work, learn, socialize, and more importantly, deliver and receive healthcare. Following government and organizational directives, it has shaped: who can interact with who; when they can do it; and how, including the information they are (not) privy to, the resources they can(not) access, and when. These changes can compromise: the organizational practices of a health service; morale; and the wellbeing of those affiliated with the service, be they staff members (including volunteers), patients, or carers. Yet, in the midst of this global pandemic, brilliance happens. In response to the rapid spread of COVID-19, this Research Topic represents a rapid opportunity to capture, learn from, and inspire leadership and managerial practices that have helpfully navigated this precarious period. Specifically, it will include international exemplars to demonstrate what it takes and can take to lead and manage a health service to ultimately weather storms, like COVID-19. This is important given the expected rise of global crises, like pandemics. The importance and urgency of this Research Topic follow extant research, from which three key points are apparent. First, there are likely to be COVID-19-like pandemics in the future, partly due to the Anthropocene epoch. Second, although health services are certainly familiar with, if not accustomed to crisis management, many are ill-prepared for the system-wide effects – if not, seismic shift – associated with instances like COVID-19. Third, relative to clinical research, there is limited scholarship on how to lead and manage health services, particularly during global pandemics.
    Accepting: Original Research, Systematic Reviews, Methods, Review, Mini Review, Hypothesis and Theory, Perspective, Brief Research Report, General Commentary, Opinion, Study Protocol.

    Sandra Buttigieg
    University of Malta
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