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Request for Unpublished Studies on Follower Felt Trust

  • 1.  Request for Unpublished Studies on Follower Felt Trust

    Posted 9 days ago

    Dear colleagues,

    Our research team from the University of Münster (Germany) is finalizing a meta-analysis on follower felt trust within leader-follower relationships. Having completed a comprehensive search of the published literature and coded the relevant articles, we are now searching for unpublished studies to include in our meta-analysis.

    Specifically, we are interested in the relationship of follower felt trust (i.e., followers' perception that the leader trusts them) with other variables, such as (but not limited to) leadership behaviors and styles, follower behaviors and performance, follower job attitudes, and follower well-being.

    If you have unpublished data that you are willing to share, we would greatly appreciate your contribution. Of course, your work will be cited in our study. If the full paper is not available, we would be happy to send you a short questionnaire.

    To send your paper or request the short questionnaire, please contact Christoph Nohe (christoph.nohe@uni-muenster.de). To ensure we can include your input, please provide the paper or the completed questionnaire within 14 days (by July 23, 2024). However, if you need more time, just let us know. Thank you in advance for considering our request!

    Kind regards,

    Dr. Christoph Nohe (christoph.nohe@uni-muenster.de)

    Antonia Hucht, B.Sc.

    Prof. Dr. Guido Hertel


    Organisational and Business Psychology

    University of Münster (Germany)