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Register for the New to OB PDW at AOM

  • 1.  Register for the New to OB PDW at AOM

    Posted 9 days ago

    Dear colleagues, 

    We would like to invite you to the PDW (#31) New to OB? Navigating the OB Division and AOM. This PDW will be held on Friday, August 09 from 8:00am - 10:00am at the Swissotel: Montreaux 2 as part of the professional development workshops at the Academy of Management meeting in Chicago. Please find the details below or at: https://aom2024.eventscribe.net/agenda.asp?pfp=days&day=8/9/2024&theday=Friday&h=Friday%20August%209&BCFO=P%7CG

    New to the OB division?

    If you joined the Organizational Behavior (OB) division within the last three years and want to learn more about the OB division and starting out in the field of OB, then this forum is for you! This PDW was created to answer your questions about the "essentials" of the AOM conference, the OB division, and the field of OB. We design the forum so that you can meet leading scholars in the OB division and other new members of the division. 

    The PDW will include a welcome and overview of the OB Division and then a panel discussion with top OB scholars, prompted by questions from participants. 

    This year's panelists include Kristie Rogers (Associate Professor, Marquette University), Bethany Cockburn (Associate Professor, Northern Illinois University), Justin Weinhardt (Associate Professor, University of Calgary), and John Bush (Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida).

    Pre-registration is required for this workshop. To register online, please visit: https://unlv.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6u5xEceTsu0YZeu

    You can also register using this QR code:
    The deadline to register online is August 2, 2024.

    Your organizers,

    Kylie Rochford; University of Utah

    Bailey Bigelow; University of Utah

    Virgil Fenters; College of William & Mary

    Virgil Fenters
    Assistant Professor
    Las Vegas NV