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    Posted 07-02-2022 09:17
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    Dear OB Team,

    I would like to post the following text and attachment for the PDW at AoM. How is it organized? Are you doing this??
    Best Anika 


    Discussion Title: PDW at AOM on Corporate Underground Projects - Call for registration, papers and abstracts. 

    Dear all, 

    this year we organize an exiting Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at this year annual AOM conference 2022, titled as Corporate Underground: Bootleg Innovation, and creative and constructive deviance.  

    We welcome all to participate for the panel discussion and the paper presentation at the beginning of this PDW about bootleg innovation, corporate underground, creative deviance and constructive deviance with particular focus on R&D and general innovation activities.   

    Background: Employees often have to escape into the organizational underground to be creative, following radical or disruptive ideas, shield new ideas from management or co-workers or just to gather first data, which is called bootlegging or creative deviance. It is defined as a non-formalized and non-declared bottom-up innovation process for the benefit of the bootlegger's firm. It violates - deliberately or not - corporate norms (Augsdorfer, 2021). 

    This PDW sheds light on this relatively under-researched and underrepresented research topic within the broad field of innovation and technology management. The objective is to increase our understanding about the corporate underground, creative deviance and constructive deviance with particular focus on R&D and general innovation activities. 

    Session format and schedule: This PDW is "Virtual-only: Zoom "webinar" style" and currently scheduled on 7th of Aug 2022, from 2:00PM to 5:00PM during AoM annual meeting 2022. All times are Pacific (Seattle time) (UTC-7). 

    Registration Link: https://www.thi.de/thi-business-school/kompetenzfelder-forschung/pdw-corporate-underground-bootleg-innovation/ 

    Submission of paper and abstract: 

    We welcome the following formats for applications for the paper presentation (open for all participants and the closed roundtables).  

    Paper presentation and Q&A: Submit a full research paper (max 30-page long double-space paper) 

    Roundtables applications: Submit and abstract up to 300 words. The topic may be related to new research ideas, interaction with interdisciplinary research topics, and new PhD research topics. 

    Submission to: Anika Stephan-Korus; HES-SO // School of Management Fribourg - anika.stephan@hefr.ch 

    Current Agenda:               


    Agenda Topic  


    10 min  

    Welcoming the participants and short introduction  

    Anika Stephan-Korus 

    40 min  

    Current status of research in the field of underground innovation – what we know, where we agree, what is open for exploration 

    Charalampos Mainemelis; Peter Augsdörfer; Dietfried Globocnik; Evy Sakellariou  

    60 min  

    Paper presentations and Q&A  


    40 min  

    Roundtables - Exchange Session & New Ideas  


    20 min  

    Overall feedback about underground projects by Charalampos Mainemelis and TIM expert 

    Charalampos Mainemelis (and TIM expert)   

    10 min 




    All the best,