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JAP Workshop Call for Participants @ the Australian National University

  • 1.  JAP Workshop Call for Participants @ the Australian National University

    Posted 06-11-2024 10:09
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    Journal of Applied Psychology Paper Incubation Workshop Call for Participants

    Deadline to Apply 1st August, 2024 at the Australian National University

    The Journal of Applied Psychology is hosting a workshop designed to support early career (ECR) and higher degree (HDR) researchers from a variety of backgrounds who may have relatively less experience and support with leading a manuscript to be published in top-tier outlets. This workshop has three goals. It seeks to (a) provide feedback on incubation ideas that are first authored by junior scholars; (b) provide opportunities for junior researchers to engage in manuscript review and informal peer-feedback process; and (c) obtain mentoring on effective strategies for responding to reviewer comments/feedback. In this incubator session: Good news is no data should or needs to be collected (unless the research plan is to use archival data or meta-analysis).  

    The workshop will be facilitated by current Professor Lillian Eby Editor in Chief, Professor Gillian Yeo, Associate Editor, and facilitators who are members of Editorial Board and/or Research School of Management ANU. Each participant will be assigned to a small group led by one team leader. Please note that it is unlikely that the assigned team leader or other participants in the session will be an expert in your specific research. In this small group, participants will receive written feedback on their manuscripts from the team leader and verbal feedback from other session participants. In addition to providing feedback on the manuscript, the group discussion will focus on identifying strategies to effectively responding to reviewers are preparing high quality reviews. 

    This interactive in-person workshop is at the Research School of Management, Australian National University on Thursday 26th September.

    Please note that in order to keep the size of the discussion group small, space for this workshop is limited. The application process is competitive, and applications will be evaluated based on the participant’s experiences with publishing research in top-tier outlets and the fit of topic areas between the manuscripts and the expertise of the participating team leaders. The topic of your paper needs to be related to cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral psychological phenomena in work and organizational settings, broadly defined. Finally, participating in the workshop does not guarantee the eventual acceptance of the manuscript by Journal of Applied Psychology.

    To apply for participation in the JAP Paper Development Workshop, please complete this Qualtrics survey (https://ugeorgia.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_88KrKj9Dfkeyl6e. Click or tap if you trust this link." rel="noopener">https://ugeorgia.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_88KrKj9Dfkeyl6e) to provide more information about yourself and your 1000-1500 word proposal in JAP format (including an extended abstract). Once your application is selected for the workshop, you are committing to attending in person and reading other participants’ papers in your group and be prepared to discuss strengths and suggestions for improvement during the session. If you have any questions please ask giles.hirst@anu.edu.au or rsm.JAPworkshop@anu.edu.au.

    Giles Hirst
    Australian National University
    Acton Canberra ACT
    03 99031050