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Deadline Extended: HCM Research in the Rough (RiR)

  • 1.  Deadline Extended: HCM Research in the Rough (RiR)

    Posted 06-07-2024 18:39

    Pardon this cross-board post

    (Application deadline extended to 6/15/24)

    Location: In-person at Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Chicago, IL

    Tentative session date at AOM: Saturday, August 10th, 2024 

    Time: 10:45am - 12:15pm

    Location: Fairmont, Cuvee Room


    The Health Care Management (HCM) Division invites researchers at all stages of their careers to participate in our highly interactive, in-person professional development workshop (PDW) during the 2024 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Accepted applicants must have an active AOM membership and be registered to attend the 2024 annual meeting. 


    What is RiR?

    This research-focused incubator is a MUST attend event aimed at supporting the development of peer research projects. The session is designed to provide researchers with any level of experience (doctoral students, early and mid-career scholars) with constructive feedback on projects ranging from early stage conceptualization to later stage manuscript preparation. Each participant will have the opportunity to discuss their proposed research ideas one-on-one with 2 different volunteer mentors, who are experts in your research subject area. 


    Who should submit? 

    Anyone who is currently engaged in or preparing to begin research in healthcare management is welcome to apply. No idea is too small or project too developed to be considered. Please note that we are unable to ask our mentors to review full manuscript submissions. Faculty and leaders: we hope you will consider referring your own students, past and present, to participate. 


    Why participate?

    • RiR has run consecutively at the AoM annual meeting for over ten years, and provides a valuable developmental opportunity to connect with leaders outside of your home institution. 

    • The PDW offers a chance to pitch your research ideas to experienced mentors. The leaders you are paired with may have different expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives that may inspire you to think about your research in new ways. Diversity of thought can be a powerful catalyst for developing innovative ideas! 

    • You can expect to receive honest, thoughtful feedback and support in a collaborative learning environment.

    • RiR provides a unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships, network with international leaders in the HCM while simultaneously exposing your research ideas to a wider audience.

    • For PhD students and early careerists: the mentors you meet may develop into long-term contacts. PhD candidates often require external members to serve as members of dissertation committees. Building relationships with faculty leaders in the HCM division may support not only your proposed project, but could open doors for continued collaboration, dissertation support, and more. Perhaps your mentor will be on a hiring committee when you enter the job market, or will be interested in partnering on your research project. 

    • Networking and international relationship building are key developmental skills, and RiR is a fantastic place to grow.

    • Your assigned mentors read your proposals and come prepared to give you candid developmental feedback. Because our volunteer mentors thoughtfully prepare to support your professional development and help you achieve your research goals, we hope you'll take advantage of this unique opportunity. This event only comes around once per year!


    How to apply:

    The application form will provide an opportunity to provide a brief synopsis of the project (abstract-length) and specific aspects of the project for which you would like input. 

    • a 500-750 word abstract proposal.

    • You can submit a more traditional abstract/short paper proposal, or a synopsis of your general research ideas. It would be helpful for submissions to include:

      • general research topic

      • proposed or preliminary research question

      • proposed conceptual or theoretical framework

      • methodological approach (or proposed methodological approach

      • early findings or data analysis (if applicable)

      • Specific questions you hope to ask your mentor, or specific areas in the research proposal/project that you are 'stuck' on. 

    • Projects at any stage of the developmental process are welcome

    • You will be given the opportunity to select keywords to assist us in placing you with the most appropriate mentor

    • Specific questions you hope to ask your mentor, or specific areas in the research proposal/project that you are 'stuck' on. What challenges have you encountered and how can your mentor(s) best support you?


    Application Deadline:

    All applicants must submit an application by June 1st, 2024

    To submit an application, please go to: 2024 RiR Application



    Applicants will be notified no later than July 15th, 2024 if they have been accepted.


    Please direct any questions to:

    Charlotte at Charlotte.Croft@liverpool.ac.uk or Ren at Ren.Lovegood@umb.edu 


    We look forward to reviewing your application and connecting with you in Chicago!


    Charlotte Croft, University of Liverpool Management School

    Dori Cross, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

    Wiljeana Glover, Babson College

    Ren Lovegood, University of Massachusetts Boston

    Ren Lovegood (they/them)
    Ph.D. Student, Business Administration
    Organizations & Social Change Track
    College of Management | University of Massachusetts Boston