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Contribute to a symposium on Leadership Practices (AGRH, Barcelona, October 23-25)

  • 1.  Contribute to a symposium on Leadership Practices (AGRH, Barcelona, October 23-25)

    Posted 06-03-2024 15:19

    AGRH - Barcelona - October 23-25

    Dear colleagues,

    We are looking for presenters to join the symposia submission we are preparing for the 35th Annual Congress of the Francophone Human Resources Management Association (AGRH) which will be held on October, 23rd-25th 2024 in Barcelona (Spain).

    Symposium Theme: Management and leadership practices in the context of hybrid work

    Decades of research have provided robust knowledge about effective leadership, but this knowledge needs to be re-evaluated in light of new work organization modes. Increasing research indicates that the effects of leadership vary depending on the work organization mode (e.g., Purvanova et al., 2009; Walsh et al., 2023). For example, the widespread adoption of telework seems to have negatively impacted interpersonal relationships at work (Hill et al., 2022), especially with managers (Viererbl et al., 2022), partly due to the difficulty of maintaining a sense of closeness (Ruiller et al., 2017). Therefore, examining how managers should adapt their practices and develop specific skills for the hybrid work context is crucial (Halford, 2005; Leonardi et al., 2024; Van Wart et al., 2019). Researchers and practitioners agree that helping managers adapt to the future of work remains a top priority (Gartner, 2023; Gilson et al., 2015; Keating et al., 2023; Microsoft New Future Work Report, 2022). In this perspective, this symposium presents various works to better understand how managers can manage effective telework practices, foster good relationships with their employees, and adapt their leadership practices to the hybrid work context.

    If you have research work in French, English, or Spanish that fits these themes and you are interested in contributing to the symposium, please communicate your interest. A summary of your research work, highlighting its theoretical, methodological, and practical contributions, is requested by June 25, 2024. You can also contact us for any questions or to discuss your participation in more detail.

    Your coordinators and participants,

    Véronique ROBERT

    Assistant professor

    Junior professor chair holder

    Toulouse School of Management

    Université Toulouse Capitole


    Marie-Colombe AFOTA

    Assistant professor

    School of Industrial Relations

    Université de Montréal


    Conference: 35th AGRH Congress (https://agrh2024bcn.com/)

    Theme: Between fragmentation and hybridization of work worlds, what HRM tomorrow?

    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Date: October 23-25, 2024


    For more information, you can visit:

    AGRH 2024

    Marie-Colombe Afota
    Montréal QC

    Marie-Colombe Afota
    Montréal QC