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AOM PDW on modeling and experiments in behavioral strategy research

  • 1.  AOM PDW on modeling and experiments in behavioral strategy research

    Posted 10 days ago


          Panelists: Daniel Levinthal, Marlo Raveendran, Oliver Baumann, & Scott Ganz 

          Organizers: Dong Nghi Pham, Mads Kock Pedersen

          Facilitator: Ekin Ilseven


    Behavioral strategy has critical influences in the management literature. To investigate the behavioral aspects of strategic decision-making, two approaches are gaining increasing attention: computational models and experiments. Computational models enable developing theories about the behavior of complex systems of heterogeneous interacting agents. Experiments test these theories empirically and sometimes reveal unexpected findings that inspire new theoretical insights. Therefore, both are powerful complementary tools for studying how distributed actions aggregate into strategic outcomes. 

    In this workshop, we offer participants an opportunity to interact with prominent scholars who work on bridging computational models and experiment methods to advance behavioral strategy research, as well as hands-on training with modeling during an interactive session. The panel will discuss the role of models and experiments in behavioral strategy, address how to implement and bridge computational models and experiments, and outline the most exciting and challenging future applications. The interactive session will practice a model of mutual learning in organizations and discuss the links to experimental designs.

    In the interactive session, we will discuss and practice modeling with a simulation model and how it can be related to experiments. Bring your laptops for this part. 

    The workshop is open to participants with or without prior experience in programming and modeling.


    Session # 357 Linking Computational Models and Experiments in Behavioral Strategy Research


    Saturday, Aug 10th, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM


    Sheraton Grand Chicago in Ontario

    Mads Pedersen
    Doctoral Student
    Aarhus University